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American Coin Treasures World War II Stamp Collection


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  • Honor WWII Heroes; Collector's Display Portfolio
  • US Mint Postage Stamps; Includes A Certificate of Authenticity
  • Commemorative Stamps; 

Product description

Honor World War II heroes with this wonderful commemorative stamp set. The WWII set includes the 3 cent Iwo Jima stamp issued in 1945. This was a controversial stamp as living people were shown raising the flag. It became one of the most popular stamps of the decade. Next in the set of seven is the 3 cent Win the War Stamp issued in 1942. One of only three issues in 1942, the eagle is in a V shape for victory. The 1 cent Franklin D. Roosevelt Hyde Park Residence stamp was issued in 1945 shortly after the President passed away. FDR led the US through WWII and is buried at his Hyde Park home. The US Navy was commemorated for their part in WWII in October of 1945 with a 3 cent stamp featuring a group of seamen. The fifth stamp in the set honors General MacArthur who achieved the rank of 5 Star General in 1944. This commemorative 6 cent stamp was issued in 1971. Also included in the set is the 1946 Merchant Marine in WWII 3 cent stamp. FDR praised the Merchant Marines as the fourth arm of defense. FDR said, "without their skill and devotion to duty our men and materiel could not have been delivered." The last stamp honors General George Patton. The 3 cent stamp issued in 1953 celebrates the colorful General for his many victories as commander of the US Third Army and its forces. The seven stamp set is housed in a 6 by 4 inch black vinyl portfolio. A Certificate of Authenticity is included.



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