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Ancient Banknotes - The 10 Language banknote, Austro-Hungarian Empire 1918-19


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  • Austrian Republic overprint on Austrian-Hungarian Empire banknote.
  • 1.000 Kronen KM59 in good condition
  • 100-year-old historical banknote
  • The money of Sissi´s beloved Franz Joseph I
  • Size: 193 x 128 mm

Product description

The Krone was the official currency of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire from 1892 up to its dissolution in the year 1918, subsequent to World War I.
On March 12th 1919, the Bank of the new independent Austrian Republic stamped all Kronen which continued to be circulated with the identification mark of Germany-Austria.
The Kronen were printed in Vienna and issued by the Austrian-Hungarian notes bank.
All denominations of all of the languages of the various ethnic groups of the country were printed on the banknotes.
All banknotes were bilingual (German and Hungarian), and the value was indicated in eight other languages (Czech, Polish, Croatian, Slovene, Serbian, Italian, Ukrainian and Romanian).


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