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Live Periodic Table of Elements! Acrylic Periodic Table with Real Elements

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  • ✅ MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD! Chemistry kids (not to mention science-mad adults) adore holding earth’s treasures in real life with this periodic table acrylic with elements! 4.5x6in. with 83 stable elements, like Platinum, Titanium, Gold and Uranium! And even Rare-Earth elements like Scandium and Yttrium!
  • ✅ WITH EDUCATIONAL POSTER: We’ve Got Chemistry Kit also comes with a double-sided periodic table of elements poster with tons of cool info about the periodic elements, pictures and fun facts about where the elements show up in REAL life! This small poster is 11.2 x 8.2in., easy to pass around and study!
  • ✅ DISCOVER EVEN MORE! As well as the periodic table acrylic and the periodic table of elements poster, we’re also going to show you an AMAZING online kids science resource to discover even more! So now you have 3 WAYS to learn about the elements and get an A+ on those science projects!
  • ✅ IS IT SAFE? Yes! We only include stable pure elements, items that are legal to possess, and impure samples so they don’t react with the acrylic. Each element is floating in its own acrylic space. So your element collection is safe, non-reactive and waiting for you to get up close to study them closely.
  • ✅ GIFT BOXED: Because a collectable periodic table with REAL elements is so special for a science mad kid, mom or dad, we created a beautiful gift box with protection inside for a special unboxing experience. It also comes with a Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty. Order yours now, because REAL science rules!

Product description

 We’ve Got Chemistry! Periodic Elements Specimen in Acrylic

  • Handheld Periodic Table Display with Real Elements!
  • Includes 83 Stable Elements Samples, Legal Elements and Impure Samples for Safety
  • PLUS, Periodic Table with Elements Poster (11.2 x 8.2in)
  • AND, Amazing Online Resource for Kids About The Periodic Table!
  • Gift Boxed Kids Science Kit (for Adults Too) – Great Chemistry Gifts for Teachers!
  • Chemistry Accessories for Classroom, Father’s Day Gifts or even Office Décor!

Features 83 stable elements, including Platinum, Titanium, Gold and Uranium! And even Rare-Earth elements like Scandium and Yttrium. And even Krypton!

Order your table of elements now from We’ve Got Chemistry… because REAL Science Rules!


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