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Treasure of Coins - Coins Collection - 1 Lb of Coins + a 18th Century Coin + Wooden Treasure Chest


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This fantastic collection take you on a journey through the wonderful and colorful world of coins.
Across the continents you experience flora, fauna, culture and personalities in the expertly-chosen top-class compilations.
These hand-picked compilations stand out due to the country specific motifs and exclusively state issues from central and national banks.
All coins are or have been legal course in their respective countries, from Portuguese shields, Italian liras or Polish zloti to porha of Bangladesh, Malawian tambala or the Baiza of Oman.

This unique collection, include a coin of the Dutch East India Company from the 18th Century.
The duit was a copper Dutch coin worth 2 penning. To prevent smuggling, the Dutch East India Company (VOC) ordered special coins with their monogram embossed upon them.
Only those pieces were valid in Indonesia. It was once used in the Americas while under Dutch rule.

Wooden Treasure Chest for free (4.9 x 3.9 x 3.5 inches)

1 Lb of coins plus a Wooden Treasure Chest for free.
More than 150 mixed coins, all circulate pieces.
Include a special gift! One coin of the Dutch East India Company - 18th Century.
100% guaranteed authentic.
Great way to start collecting foreign coins!


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